We are all living in a century where the technology plays a vital role in our daily life. There are around 7.5 billion people live on this planet earth. Out of that figure, there is 2.1 billion people depend on mobile phones to meet their needs. There are billions of mobile applications available on several online distribution platforms.
Read this article to know more about mobile trends before developing your mobile application

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The world of Information Technology witnesses a huge proportion of investment in artificial intelligence. AI will provide powerful insights to every business corporate around the world. This trend is expanding every day and improves predictive capabilities. We experience AI’s creativeness and intelligence which can predict our diet, movies that good for your mood, auto-plays music and much more by mobile apps.

2. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

Augmented reality is software from future, where it is in the experimental phase now. Both AR & VR applications are related to the gaming industry. Augmented reality is literal showcasing our present reality with artificial objects sneaking around. However, Virtual reality technology is 100% artificial which recreate based on the situation or true events. Perhaps, it takes us to a different imaginative world.
Moreover, it’s not remaining in the gaming industry anymore but we are about to witness VR and AR application for the healthcare, manufacturing, travel, education, real estate and of cause the retail industry.

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

It is an open source project which has been introduced as a new search index for mobile platforms. AMP web pages are very effective and corporate around the world integrating their website with amp plug-in. When you search for content on your mobile, most of the results that come up on the first page would be an amp integrated web page. The overview of these pages delivers an experience of using a mobile application.

4. Cloud Services

Cloud technology delivers computing resources such as networking, applications, storage, servers, and services. It’s an on-demand computer service which you can avail by pay for use basis. Developers merge the cloud technology with mobile applications so that can direct save data to a particular cloud account. This can benefit you by minimizing internal space usage on your mobile devices.

5. Wearable Devices

Mobile app development trends are continuing to experience the growth rate of 20% which would be around 213 million devices will be ship across the globe by the year 2020. Some companies are already conquering the market with astonishing.

6. M-Commerce

M-commerce refers to Mobile-commerce and has been forecasting to reach its revenue of 700 billion us dollars by the end of this year. Almost half of its business transactions currently occurred in Asia. It is a selling and buying process through the electronic devices.
Giants like Apple, Samsung and Microsoft are all being unleashed by M-commerce. According to studies, debit cards and credit cards will be replaced by online wallets such as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google and Microsoft wallets. Millennial around the world prefer these online wallets as they like to buy things with them instead of using the liquid money. Make sure your mobile application configure these features.

7. Internet of Things

Internet of things refers to the network between several devices to computer interaction without human. It can be connected between computing devices, digital machines, animals or objects. Cloud-based mobile applications which fascinated the developers. As a result, they developed exciting IoT applications such as Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Smart Cars, Smart Healthcare, Transportation, and energy sectors too. A Recent survey predicts the growth of revenue from IoT application would come across around 660 billion us dollars by the year of 2021. Most IoT solutions backed up with mobile applications to over control its services. Even though, Android Market launched a developing package kit for IoT applications.
When it comes to mobile app development trends, these aspects have an important role in a better aftermath. The skilled developers are not able to depend on the outdated tools or trends because the technological world is evolving day by day.
Above all developing exciting and effective applications are a bit challenging, but their outcomes are groundbreaking. The future for mobile app development trends is looking so bright today. If you are seeking for app development services please contact System Polygon Pvt. Ltd., one of the top mobile app development company. The company offers high-quality services in Mobile Application Design and Development.