Every business person is here to make money. It is sure that you have developed your mobile application for earning money and increasing your business. You haven’t built it for fun or just for time pass.

So how to make more earning from the mobile application?

Here we are giving some simple and easy ways to increase your money from mobile application

There’s a lot of money in apps. Billions of dollars. But most of this money is earned by certain kinds of apps, and many apps make no money at all. This article will explain the ins and outs of how apps make money and give you some ideas for how your app can become an earner.

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Apps have branched out from the cellular platform as more integrated smart devices have entered the market. Smart TVs are a staple in the homes of over 34% of internet users. The most popular apps used on Smart TVs are ones that are appropriate for the medium and already have a very large, existing user base such as Netflix and Hulu.

If it makes sense on the platform, it is worth keeping Smart TVs in mind when designing your app. Expansion of platform offerings not only increases exposure for your app but also opens it to new revenue streams.

Picking the right platform for your app is essential. Another intriguing platform to pay attention to is smartwatches. As a relatively new device, the current numbers are small. Only about 16% of internet users report that they make use of one. However, with popular companies such as Samsung, Sony and more recently Apple entering the market, smartwatches will be interesting to watch for future growth opportunities.

Types of apps

There are four types of apps:-

  1.    Free apps
  2.    One time paid apps
  3.    Paid apps with added paid features
  4.    Free apps with advertising

1.Free apps
A freemium app or game is offered free-of-charge to the user with limited features, content or virtual goods. Users can access a premium version or additional content and feature through in-app purchase.

This route has also been used for subscribing to monthly content updates. The free app or game with an in-app purchase removes the price point as a barrier for people to download an app and gives the developer the opportunity to prove the value of their product.

Offer a free basic version of your app to consumers to get a quick buy-in with least resistance and let them buy additional features for a fixed price or a monthly subscription once they’re hooked and find value in it.

2.One time paid apps
In this type of app user just pay one time to download the app. If you want to launch a paid app, it should be compelling enough for users to pay to download even without first sampling it. Also, there is no repeat revenue from your existing customers.

For a continuous revenue stream, you have to look for new customers each time. You can earn more money through this type of apps. So how do you determine whether your app should be a paid one? Most paid apps offer the core value in the first download, followed by minor additions or design and usability enhancements. Most utility apps fall into this category.

3.Paid apps with added paid feature

Many feel it’s unfair to pay to download an app and then pay again to avail more features. It’s tricky for you to build on this, but done cleverly with a value proposition, it can certainly work, and has been, going by the numbers. In this type of app, user have to pay two or more than two times.

4.Free apps with advertising

Many apps use this type of model monetization. You only make money when a large number of users download and use your app on a very frequent basis. So choose this model for monetization only if your app calls for prolonged usage frequently, such as the one above.

The lifetime value of your customer will determine whether the app is a hobby or a business.

Now, what do you do once you’ve started making money off of mobile app sales? How can you ensure they’re successful or driving more revenue for your customers?


How to promote your mobile app and make more money?

Self Promotion

If you’ve created multiple apps, promote them to each other rather than paying someone else to do it. A banner ad for a related app will guarantee more traffic, plus you’ll have full control. Just link your banner to the app store listing so users can click through to download.

If you just have one app for your own business, promote it with your existing clients and reward word-of-mouth efforts like social media sharing. The more downloads you get, the more you can bank on the traditional ROI features in your app to do their part. Boost up the exclusive in-app deals and accept payments for products and services.

These are the features that keep people around, but they need to get there first. Promoting your app in your own way will increase your business. And you will also come to know about different type of marketing features and you will also come to know about different ways of promotions.

Custom Ads

Selling mobile apps can also all you to starting selling in-app ad space comes with minimal overhead and maximum profits. When done right, you’re even likely to cover the costs of the app itself.

Put a logo on your app’s home screen or add a sponsors page that links out to their front-end sites. This can help when selling mobile apps. When they supply you with the images, launching the ads are simple, and you’ll attract more advertisers once you’ve taken the leap.

Automated Ads

If you’d rather make some extra cash without the legwork of selling, mobile ad giants like allow you to integrate automated ads into your app. It’s a simple way to pad your wallet without worrying about selling mobile apps.

It’s all about mobile advertising, and mobile is all about apps. When you have an app for your business and you’re using it to generate ad revenue, you’re killing two very profitable birds with one stone.


Promote your business with SYSPOLY mobile app development company. Company will also help you in promoting your business through mobile applications. It really depends on your strategy to make money with apps. If you are designing your apps for small businesses, you have a much higher revenue opportunity than say in-app ads.

However, there are many ways to make money off mobile apps — whether you’re selling the development of them or you’re selling in-app ads.