If you already have a mobile-friendly website, is an app a necessity? someone said that you only need one if you don’t want to fall behind the competition. These days, we all think we need mobile application. Restaurants want apps for online ordering, credit unions want apps for ATM maps, retail stores want apps that send coupons in real time, and then some of us want an app. You are reading SYSPOLY mobile app development company blog right now.

The most confusing question is –

Should your company have an app or not?

And the safe answer to your question is: “it depends …” But this answer irritates. We would like to try and convince you that you do, indeed, need an app today, even if the payoff happens tomorrow.

The Potential Of Apps

Those who think they don’t need a native mobile app because their site is mobile friendly are missing the huge potential apps have over websites.

When was the last time a customer took a picture of your product on your website?

When was the last time your website notified a potential customer of a sale as they walked by your shop?

When was the last time your, website told you how a customer felt when they saw your product for the first time?

When was the last time your site told you the name of that customer who walked through your shop’s door?

When was the last time your site adjusted the price of an item based on a customer’s social influence?

When was the last time a customer tried your product virtually on your site?

System polygon pvt ltd. (mobile app development company) helps you to come out with these confusions.


For some companies, mobile apps are a necessary component of a media strategy (Entrepreneur). They engage customers via push notifications and custom coupons and they can help streamline customer support. An app might also improve eCommerce or allow brands to incorporate gaming into their marketing campaigns.

So, Does your business need an app for that? Ask yourself these four questions before you spend the time and money to build yourself an app.

1. What will the mobile app so that the responsive mobile site couldn’t?

2. How much profit can you make this app?

3. Is the app immediately necessary?

4. How likely is your target demographic to use an app?

There are some of the questions mentioned above, that is important to take your decision. There is some point that should be included in these four questions. Here are some of them.

What will the mobile app so that the responsive mobile site couldn’t?

What will Mobile application bring in that a mobile version of your site absolutely cannot do? Does the app need access to the smartphone GPS system? Before building a brand new app, ask yourself what new functionality an app can bring to your business? If you or your client can’t answer that question with ease, you may want to reconsider building an app for that.

How much profit can you make this app?

Sometimes an app might be a really cool idea for your company, and it might bring in new features that a mobile site can’t. But before you dive in, consider how much of your budget will go into building this app, and how much you can reasonably afford to get out. Especially if you’re working on a startup budget, ask yourself if an app with a high price tag (and a big drain on your time and energy) is worth it.

Is the app immediately necessary?

Okay, maybe your app will be able to do some awesome ninja moves your mobile site only dreams of, and maybe you are ready to rake in the big bucks on this thing. But will a mobile site do for now? I’m not saying to be shoddy or to cut corners on your business plan, but sometimes an app sounds awesome, but your business isn’t quite ready for it. Consider waiting until your numbers match your ambitions when it comes to your app dreams.

How likely is your target demographic to use an app?

Obvious, I know, but something to think about. Imagine the context in which a user will access your mobile app. Are they likely to take the time (to type in a password and wait for a download) or pay the money to access an app? Maybe they’re more likely to fall in love with your responsive site after a quick Google search as they wait in line at the grocery store. And don’t forget to analyze your data before moving forward. How many of your customers access your site via mobile?

After discussing all these important points, now let us know more about a mobile application. To know more please continue reading this article.

Importance of mobile application

Mobile plays an integral role in any companies marketing strategy. Latest statistics show that people now spend more time on their phones than on their desktops and tablets. Since a majority of the time your customers spend is on their cell phones, it is necessary for you to have a mobile app as part of your marketing strategy. Mobile App Development is relatively new compared to web development.

Assuming you already have a mobile application, you must consider the downloads as the number one metric to judge the success or failure of the application. However, on closer inspection, you will see that Usage statistics are just as important. Usage and Retention statistics should be used to seeing the success or failure of an app.

Mobile App Engagement and Mobile App retention are two of the strongest metrics that really decide how much your customers have enjoyed them.

Benefits of mobile application

1. Future marketing trends

2. Increase more sale

3. Act as a social platform

4. Improves sale and service

5. On-the-go Marketing

These are some most important benefits of mobile apps. Keep them in mind while thinking about the mobile application. There are also some reasons why your business should offer a mobile app-

1. Your customers want it

2. Your customers may not expect it

3. A direct pipeline to your customers

4. Keep your information accurate and fresh

5. Make your business stickier

6. Call your customers to action

7. Keep up with the competition

8. It’s not difficult and expensive as you think

Why not Mobile Application?

If your company offers its products via a mobile app, what’s the worst that could happen? Is there any downside to making your business more accessible, to more people, in more places, in the ways they prefer? The only risks involved are the cost, diverted resources, and distraction from your core business associated with the process of creating an app. choosing the right technology platform can manage all hurdles.

With the adoption rate of mobile technology and apps expanding at astronomic rates, isn’t it time you jumped in the game and made sure your company doesn’t get left behind?


Think about all these points carefully and decide accordingly. Think about good and bad things about your company. Need more help with the mobile application?

Contact Syspoly. It is a mobile application development company. It will help you to get rid of all your problems regarding mobile applications.